USL Technology Inc.

Smart Building Process

First and foremost, our aim is to determine how we can help: The ultimate source of our credibility is our ability to solve problems and deliver results, taking on the hassles that our customers would rather not think about. We will provide a preliminary assessment at no cost, by phone or by in-person meeting. This will provide an initial overview of your company, your goals, and the aspects in which our services can be beneficial. As we review your infrastructure, we will give you our first thoughts on what can or should be done.

Four ways we approach our smart building process

Energy Strategy Roadmap

Based on our client’s requirements and our analysis, we will develop a tailored proposal based on the findings of our initial meeting.

We will provide hardware and software requirements, timelines, and overall costs. USL will develop and produce a detailed plan on behalf of our client that outlines our recommendations for getting the most out of technology investments.


Communication and mutual understanding are the secrets to successful implementation. Once you have had an opportunity to review our recommendations, we will meet to answer any questions about the suggested direction.  This gives us an opportunity to answer questions or address any concerns you may have about any aspect of your requirements.  We can revisit, adjust, and determine how best to meet your desired outcomes.


Now that everything is in place, we will determine a path that works in your best interests. This will eliminate disruption to your business.  We will meet deadlines.  And, most of all, we will ensure that we exceed your expectations.

Ongoing Support:

Most of our clients subscribe to our 24x7x365 Managed Energy Services solution.   This product gives us insight to every aspect of your energy use in real-time, all the time.  In most cases, we know what is going on before our clients even realize a problem exists; and, if there is a problem, we are there to help.  We employ state-of-the art tools for energy management and remote support, as well as a client extranet, a support issue management system, and other tools that give you 100% confidence that we are on your side.